Animonda Integra – The delicious dietary range packed with nutrition for both cats and dogs

This multifunctional diet for cats and dogs with health problems, has been formulated by nutritionists to make sure all the ingredients in the INTEGRA Protect range are perfectly balanced to cater for the diet of any cat or dog no matter the life stage.

This multifunctional diet Includes:

The Diabetes Range

Our feline companions are more likely than dogs to develop Type II diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas generates insulin normally, but the cells do not respond to it as they should. This type of diabetes can be reversed if your cat or dog loses weight and improves her overall health.

This is where Animonda INTERGRA Protect Diabetes comes in, diabetes in dogs and cats normally necessitates lifetime therapy, including special diets, regular exercise, and, in the case of dogs, daily insulin injections. The key to successfully managing diabetic pets is to keep their blood sugar levels near normal and avoid dangerously high or low levels. The Animonda INTERGRA Diabetes range was designed to perfectly complement the needs of diabetic cats. Because of the high protein content and low carbohydrate content, blood glucose levels rise slowly after feeding, which is essential to any diabetic pet’s needs. This grain-free diet food is perfect for cats who have a sensitivity to grains.


The Sensitive Range

The Animonda INTEGRA Protect Sensitive diet comes with no ingredients that could upset your pets stomach or create a problem for their condition. The Sensitive range uses single protein sources to protect from common intolerances that cause itching and diarrhoea. The range is loved by cats and dogs all over the country by all breeds at all activity levels. This grain-free diet food is perfect for pets who have a sensitivity to grains.

This product range is the perfect meal for any pet that has a food intolerance, who then to suffer from tummy pain, bloating, wind and/or diarrhoea. skin rashes and itching. Many domestic animals benefit from following an optimal diet that takes into account the specific nutritional requirements they have due to their illness after receiving a proper diagnosis from a veterinarian.

The Renal and Nieren (Kidney) Range

Created specifically for cats and dogs who need extra kidney support. Chronic Kidney Disease (CDK) is frequently diagnosed in cats, it can slow down your cat’s lifestyle and its overall quality of life. However, with a lower protein diet it allows less protein breakdown to help kidney functions. The lower phosphorus level also slows down the decline of renal function.
Long-term, this improves the cat's condition, and its life expectancy can be extended.
This grain-free diet food is also excellent for cats that are intolerant to cereals.

The Intestinal Range

This dog specific range was formulized to support dogs with intestinal problems. By supporting the gastrointestinal system with easy-to-digest carbs, and digestible proteins this range of food can help to prevent problems like diarrhoea and vomiting.

Traditionally vets have recommended a temporary switch to a bland diet of boiled plain chicken and rice to help resolve any immediate digestives problems. However, this is only a short-term solution, dogs with gastrointestinal problems need to have a diet appropriate to suit their needs. The INTEGRA Protect Intestinal flavors include chicken and turkey to ensure all sensitive stomachs are catered for, while including a completely balanced diet to make sure all nutritional requirements are met.

Is the INTEGRA Protect Range right for your pet?

INTEGRA PROTECT is available for the following range of indications:

  • Chronic renal insufficiency (in cats and dogs)
  • Food allergy (in cats and dogs)
  • Acute diarrhoea (in cats and dogs)
  • Prevention of struvite or calcium oxalate stones (in cats)
  • Diabetes mellitus (in cats)

Uncompromising Quality for 30 years

For a steady diet with a high meat content, the Animonda INTERGA Protect is a versatile, healthy and delicious choice for any cat or dog at any life stage. Our pets a more than just companions they are our best friends, and favourite family member. Animonda puts the welfare of the animal first and focuses on the production of high-quality food to prevent unwanted vet visits and long-term health conditions.

Veterinarian diet, not an alternative to the vets.

If your pet is suffering from a sensitive stomach, seek advice from the vets, the Animonda INTEGREA Protect diet is protection, and helps to prevent causes. It should not be treated as an alternative to a trip to the vets.

The ingredients matter.


If you are feeding a prescription or vet recommended diet, have you looked at the analytical constituents, or ingredients of the food? Don’t just pay for the brand name, ensure the food contains a high meat content and there are no unwanted additives to ‘push up’ protein levels such as by-products containing feathers, beaks, and hair.

Is your pet using a vet recommended diet or a prescription diet? Have you looking into the nutritional requirements needed to suit your pet’s problem? Let us know in the comments below.