Animonda Cat Foil Integra Protect Renal Veal

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INTEGRA PROTECT Renal was created specifically for cats suffering from chronic renal failure.
The drastically reduced protein content implies that there are less protein breakdown products to be eliminated, which helps kidney function.
The lower phosphorus level also slows down the decline of renal function.
Long-term, this improves the cat's condition, and its life expectancy can be extended.
This grain-free diet food is also excellent for cats that are intolerant to cereals.



Meat and animal derivatives (20 % veal, chicken, duck), vegetables (potatoes), oils and fats (canola oil), minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin. Protein sources: veal, chicken, duck.

 Analytical Composition:

Protein 7.8 %
fat content 10.5 %
crude fiber 0.7 %
crude ash 1.5 %
moisture 77 %
calcium 0.22 %
phosphorous 0.16 %
sodium 0.17 %
potassium 0.18 %
linolic acid 1.8 %
taurine 0.7 g/kg.

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